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MOT Testing

MOT Testing

We will carry out a Pre-MOT check on your car to maximise the chances of passing the MOT inspection.

MOT testing by appointment.

We are very happy to collect your car from your home or workplace, then carry out the MOT Testing, and then return your vehicle to you.

What does the MOT Testing Involve?

The MOT test covers lighting , steering, suspension, emissions and road safety in passenger transport. The individual tests include the body and vehicle structure, windscreen, wipers and washers, doors, seatbelts, seats, mirrors, horn, brakes, steering, suspension, exhaust system, exhaust CO2 emissions, fuel system, tyres, wheels, lights, bonnet, boot and tailgate, towbar, and registration plates.

An MOT pass certificate indicates that at the time of the test, the vehicle met or exceeded the minimum safety standards determined by the VOSA guidelines.

Areas not tested include features such as the clutch, gear box, and engine mountings, as the failure of these components would not represent a safety risk. Maintenance that is necessary for the reliable and efficient operation of the vehicle but not its safety forms part of a service inspection that is recommended by manufacturers, but is not a legal requirement for operating the vehicle on the public highway.

Items such as the windscreen, wipers and exhaust systems are tested for condition and operation. Windscreen wipers will fail the test if they do not adequately clear the windscreen when used in conjunction with the washers. The exhaust system, in addition to checks on its condition and security, is tested so as to ascertain whether it emits a volume of noise that is obviously greater than another vehicle of the same make and model with a standard exhaust system fitted. A vehicle with an exhaust that is obviously louder than a standard vehicle will fail the test. Dismantling of any part of the vehicle during the MOT test is strictly against test regulations, making the assessment of corrosion or worn components in certain areas on certain car models very difficult to determine accurately. As the MOT is only an inspection for road-worthiness at the time of test, the inspection of most accessories is not included. One exception is tow bars: their condition and their attachment to the vehicle is now included in the MOT.